Frequently Asked Questions


Pedlar will pay your commisions monthly to your nominated bank account.

Pedlar handles all customer support, including shipping queries, returns and all general enquires.

Your Pedlar store is yours! Control what products are on your store. Control the personalisation of your store. Control how, where and when you post about your Pedlar store.

Yep, you can add or remove products whenever you want.

We're always keen to bring on new Brands. Let us know by reaching out to


You have the option of selecting what stock you want to sell through Pedlar. As part of the onboarding process, our team will work with you to include or exclude any products you do not want on Pedlar.

Payment will be remitted directly to the brand’s nominated bank account 30 days after the sale is made. This allows for returns to be processed before payment is remitted.

When a purchase is made through Pedlar, we send the order confirmation email to the customer. Pedlar then takes care of any customer support that is required. If necessary, Pedlar will reach out to brands on behalf of customers.

No, Pedlar is only able to read your information and cant make any changes. You retain all control over your products and pricing.

We're always keen to bring on new Creators. Let us know by reaching out to


Pedlar is an end-to-end platform that allows you to shop your favourite creators' or influencers' style and aesthetic. From inspiration to purchase, everything takes place in one place without having to jump across multiple platforms or websites.

At Pedlar you can buy items from many different brands. You are buying the items directly from the brands.

All products listed on Pedlar are priced the same as on the brands website. If a brand changes the price of their products, this will automatically update across Pedlar stores.

Submit your order number and email address through our Returns form linked on every Pedlar store. Once you have submitted your return, we'll send through a pre-paid returns label then simply post your item(s).

All orders are shipped direct by the brand. When a purchase has been made, you will receive a confirmation from Pedlar. You will then be provided with a tracking number as you normally would when purchasing something online.


Pedlar is an e-commerce platform that allows creators and influencers to build and personalise digital storefronts to showcase and sell products from brands they love. Our end-to-end platform allows us to close the gap on the shopping journey.

End-to-end means that Pedlar provides a platform that covers the shopping journey from browsing to purchase. This means shoppers don't need to bounce around different websites or scour the internet looking for the product and/or brand an influencer was wearing - they can simply browse and shop their Pedlar store.

Creator commerce is the point where commerce and the Creator Economy intersect. It is built off the premise that people trust people, not brands. Creator commerce highlights the shift in control and perception of Influencers and creators. No longer are these tools to be used by businesses. Instead, these are viable channels where a Creator's personal brand has become the epicentre of a surrounding communuty.

Pedlar customer support are responsible for answering all questions, whether they are specific to a product, an order, returns or a general enquiry. We can be reached by using the chat support on all Pedlar Storefronts, or you can reach out to

For any other questions or comments please reach out to